Uncovering, Designing, Selling and Implementing 'one of a kind' complex Tranformational Engagements, Sales Processing, Vendor Management,  Strategic Alliances and Partnerships for growing organizations

Strategic Partnerships

Leading global provider of Business Intelligence (KPO) was well known for their offerings for retail customers but did not have a 'story to tell' in US Banking and Finance.


Lack of direct experience in Banking and Finance made opening doors for new business in the US very difficult.   


Two strategic partners were found for this client that were well established in the US Bankinig markets but needed Business Intelligence offerings.    All three parties benefited from the 'win win' low risk teaming agreements which deepened their own footprints and drove new revenue opportunities globally. 

Joint Marketing Plan

A struggling VC backed Business Information firm (KPO) had designed a unique Business Scorecard issued weekly covering 160 companies in 13 business verticals.  They lacked the funds for sufficient marketing to grow their brand.


A strategic relationship was formed with the world's leading business newspaper.  Without charge, my client was provided a weekly 1/4 page of the business section in order to promote the current Business Scorecard information. In exchange, the newspaper was able to receive from our client valuable additional business intelligence for their subscriber base .   Both parties benefited from this successful no-cost low-risk agreement.

 Expanding Globally

An off shore provider of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services wished to break into the US market but lacked a presence in the US and little track record of success in the US market.  


An opportunity was uncovered with a well established Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that needed to lower its fixed costs for contract administration and was considering outsourcing  some of their Legal Processing work.


The agreement allowed the off shore LPO to gain a foothold in the US market and allowed the REIT to covert fixed costs to much lower variable costs saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Helping with Transformation

One of the world's oldest market research firms had relied heavily on their well trained 600 person staff operating out of three US based call centers.   Recognizing the need to improve the depth of their market research capabilities, they decided to move all market research from being telephone based to being based on the use of Internet Polling.   


Wanting to not lose 600 valuable employees, an inbound customer care center (BPO) was created by securing and closing over $ 3 Million dollars in new customer business.